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Scale inhibitors
For the Prevention of Scale Formation in Evaporation Stations of the Beet Sugar Industry

Technical Data
Description: light yellow, medium viscous solution
Density at 25°C (g/cm3): approx. 1.2
pH-Value (100 g/l water): approx. 5 – 6
Viscosity at 20°C (mPa.s): approx. 100
Solubility in water or sugar juice: miscible

Application and Properties
For the prevention of scale formation in evaporation stations of the beet sugar industry.
KEBO DS is a polyelectrolyte of low molecular weight, nitrogen-free and phosphate-free.
KEBO DS is considered to keep in dissolution especially calcium ions in presence of oxalate, sulphate and phosphate ions in boiling sugar solutions at substoichiometric dosage on conditions which normally cause a precipitation of the scale forming agents (so called THRESHOLD-Effect).
Besides its excellent high metal ion binding capacity KEBO DS shows good dispersing properties. KEBO DS is of particular advantage when being used in the sugar industry as it is not volatile at high temperatures and completely resistant to hydrolysis.

220 kg PE-barrels
1.200 kg containers
other packages on request

Sequestering Agent for the Softening of Water and Dissolution of Scales

Technical Data
Description: yellowish liquid
Density at 25°C (g/cm3): approx. 1.3
pH-Value (100 g/l water): 11 - 12
Solubility in water: miscible

Application and Properties
KEBOPLEX 135 is based on the sodium salt of the nitrilotriacetic acid the most important chemical property of which is the ability to form water soluble complexes with many multivalent metal ions.
The metal ion is practically completely sequestered so that many of its typical reactions (e.g. the precipitation of the calcium as CaCO3) do not take place. As the optimum of the complex formation of alkaline earth ions is in the neutral up to alkaline area, KEBOPLEX 135 is preferably used at the softening of boiler water. In this case the temperature does not have any influence on the complex bond ability.
KEBOPLEX 135 can be used not only to prevent the formation of scales but also to remove and dissolve already existing deposits.


70 kg PE-cans
220 kg barrels
1200 kg containers

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