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Seed Suspension for the Sugar Crystallization

Technical Data
Description: milky white suspension
Density at 25 °C approx. 1.2 kg/l
pH-value (100g/l water) 4.5 – 6.5
Solubility soluble in water
Particle size (d50) 11 ± 1 μm
Effective crystal content 22 ± 0,5 %

Application and Properties

KEBO SLURRY is used as seed suspension for the sugar crystallization. It is a mixture of finely ground sucrose particles with a medium grain size d50 of 11 ± 1 μm and polyethylene glycol. KEBO SLURRY is not hygroscopic.
The strong polarity of the suspension liquid is responsible for the good dispersion so practically no agglomerates of sugar particles in the suspension are formed.
A specific procedure prevents the agglomeration of particles also during the grinding process.

230 kg PE barrels
30 kg PE lidded PE drums

Product to Improve the Intermediate and Low-Grade Product Working in the Pan Station

Technical Data
Description: white, soft paste
at temperatures above 30°C liquid
Active Substance in %: 100
pH-Value (100 g/l water): 4,6 – 6,9
Density at 60°C (g/cm3): approx. 1
Solubility in water: miscible

Application and Properties
KEBOSOL CA is non-ionogenic surfactant made of a selected fatty alcohol and ethylene oxide. It acts as wetting agent and defoamer at the intermediate and lowproduct working.
After several campaigns no disadvantage by using KEBOSOL CA could be seen for the Quentin work up to now, e.g. reduction of the exchange capacity of the resin.
However, as past experience showed, the wetting agent KEBOSOL CA accelerates the exchange processes at the resin interface.

200 kg steel barrels
other packages on request

Anionic Flocculant on the Basis of Polyacrylamide to Increase the Sedimentation Velocity and
to Improve the Filtration and the Sweetening Off

Application and Properties
Owing to its anionic character KEBOFLOC 402 is capable of accelerating the sedimentation of mainly inorganic solid matters from aqueous suspensions and muds. The range of efficiency varies from weakly acid up to highly alkaline suspensions.
For this reason KEBOFLOC 402 is an ideal flocculant for the clarification of sugar juices as well as the dewatering of the resulting mud. The sedimentation velocity of the calcium salts precipitated at the saturation and the other insoluble components is highly increased. Therefore, the retention time of the raw juice in the clarifiers is essentially shortened.
For the dewatering of mud KEBOFLOC 402 can be used not only on vacuum filters but also in centrifuges. At appropriate operation modes high separation efficiencies up to 99 % can be achieved.

bags of 25 kg

Long-Term Preservative free from Mineral Oil

Application and Properties

KEBOCOR OIL MEN is a highly efficient anticorrosive agent for long-term preservation of metal surfaces (e.g. juice sides of evaporators, pans and heaters as well as diffusion towers, sugar driers, filters, lines, centrifugals a.s.o.).
It has been developed especially for the conditions prevailing in sugar factories during the standstill period.
Even at very high and long lasting atmospheric humidity the corrosion inhibitors contained in KEBOCOR OIL MEN ensure an optimum protection against the influence of humid air, condensation water and dew in normal atmosphere .
KEBOCOR OIL MEN has an excellent ability to displace water. When applying it on metal surfaces KEBOCOR OIL MEN infiltrates and displaces an existing water film. Thus the main condition for a uniform and thin protective film is given.

•    cans of 50 kg
•    barrels of 180 kg


Certificated as Disincrustant under 08-KL-108 Tested by VdTÜV at Unalloyed Steels in Formic Acid

Technical Data

Description: yellowish, slightly viscous liquid
Density at 25°C (g/cm3): approx. 1
pH-Value (100 g/l water): 6 - 8
Solubility: miscible with acids and water
Application and Properties
LITHSOLVENT CS is a highly efficient inhibitor formulation for the protection of all usual metallic materials in the boiler and plant construction as well as for apparatus and tubing during the chemical cleaning with acid solutions (sulfamic acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and organic acids). The dissolution of scales and incrustations will not be impaired.
LITHSOLVENT CS inhibits the corrosion of all kinds of steel and alloys on copper basis. Acid solutions inhibited with LITHSOLVENT CS are used:
1. at the chemical cleaning with hydrofluoric acid solutions to remove rust, mill scale and magnetite (Fe3O4) from boilers, production plants, piping systems a.s.o. according to the circulation or once-through procedure.
2. at the chemical cleaning of boilers, pipings a.s.o. with organic acids.

60 kg cans
200 kg barrels
1.000 kg containers

Inhibitor for Hydrochloric Acid and Mixtures of Hydrochloric Acid/Hydrofluoric Acid up to 90°C

Technical Data
Description: formulated product, yellow-brown liquid
Density at 25°C (g/cm3): approx. 1
pH-Value (100 g/l water): 1.8 – 2.8
Solubility in acids and water: miscible

Application and Properties
LITHSOLVENT 620 is a highly efficient inhibitor formulation for the protection of metal materials during the chemical cleaning or pickling with hydrochloric acid and mixtures of hydrochloric acid/hydrofluoric acid at temperatures up to 90°C. For cast iron the max. working temperature is 40°C.
LITHSOLVENT 620 contains a combination of specifically acting inhibitors and special surfactants with a high wetting effect. A quick wetting of the surfaces to be cleaned is ensured by reducing the interfacial tension. The dissolution of mill scales is not impaired by LITHSOLVENT 620.
LITHSOLVENT 620 inhibits the corrosion of the following materials in the range of temperature mentioned above: standard steel and special steel (e.g. superheater steel and low temperature resistant steel) as well as alloys on copper basis.
Aluminium and light metal alloys as well as zinc, tin and chrome are not sufficiently protected. Cast iron is protected up to max. 40°C only.


60 kg PE-cans
200 kg barrels
1.000 kg containers

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