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Odor control

Odor neutralizer.


Technical Data
Description: leak about the blue colour
Density in pace. 20°C: 1.0600 kg/l
Absolute viscosity, 20°C: 1 mPa.s
Water solubility: fully soluble


Application and Properties
Enviro-Chem is an anti-odors agent available as a liquid solution, acting by neutralization of odors coming from the organic decomposition of solid and liquid waste. It has both neutralizing effect (removal of existing odors) and preventive effect (biomass stabilization, preventing the formation of new odors) on the H2S, ammoniac, mercaptans…molecules principally responsable of odors.
The product is easy to use. It requires only a dilution pump. The diluted product is added at 
the entrance of the wastewater station, in the sewage network.


200 kg barrels
1000 kg container



BULAB 5757
Odor control agent.


Technical Data
Appearance: yellow-green liquid
Density (20°C): 1.10 g/ml
PH (pure): 13
Solubility: water soluble


Application and Properties
Bulab 5757 oxidizes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas and other sulfuric compounds, such as dimethyl sulfide and methyl mercaptan. Eliminates the odors characteristic of sulfur compounds. Reacts specifically with sulfur compounds without destroying organic compounds that are crucial to the effluent treatment process. Protects the effluent plant equipment from the corrosive effect of the acidic compounds formed when hydrogen sulfide gas comes into contact with the atmosphere. Reduces safety and health issues associated with H2S since it is oxidized to a harmless substance.
Bulab 5757 can be applied to the system at full strength, directly from its container using simple dosing pumps.


200 kg barrels
1000 kg container


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