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Electronically controlled pump with stepper motor and LCD display 2x16



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The peristaltic pump is designed to pump chemicals. It is equipped with a durable high quality stepper motor with internal controls that exceed a very high dosing accuracy.
The pump has a display size of 2x16

Peristaltic pumps are used in various areas of industrial processes and food products such as:

- Chemical industry,
- Paper industry,
- Food industry,
- Paints and varnishes industry,
- Textiles,
- Ceramics,
- The cosmetics industry.


The ability to handle
Manual mode - direct access to the set speed (feed pump);
Automatic mode - time service switching a pump with adjustable pump speed.

Ergonomic operation via display 2x16 character size and four function keys
Menus are available in English and German language
Display of the current speed in all modes of operation
Power indicator after pressing calibration
Indicator showing the details of the type of pump
Indicator showing the internal temperature of the enclosure, temperature control, turn-off for overheating

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