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Chemical cleaners
Blend of Sequestering Agents and Surfactants for the Elimination of Sugar Charcoal

Technical Data

Description: gold colored, clear liquid
Density at 25°C (g/cm3): approx. 1.2
pH-Value (100 g/l water): approx. 11
Solubility in water and
diluted NaOH-solution: completely miscible

Application and Properties
Scales consisting of highly degraded organic substances can be formed in heat exchangers of the raw juice area, at the steam or juice side of evaporators and vacuum pans.
KEBOPLEX SC is used as additive for the removal of these scales.
KEBOPLEX SC consists of a blend of sequestering agents and surfactants which succeed in completely dissolving insoluble alkaline earth compounds and increasing the solubility of the sugar charcoal. This special blend causes a faster detachment of the scales from the metal surfaces.
In alkaline solutions iron sequestering agents cause the dissolution of hydrated ferric oxide
(initial rust).
The temperature of the cleaning solution is limited by the boiling temperature of the water only. The efficiency of the cleaning solution increases with the temperature.
During this alkaline process it has often been observed that the scale swells up, i.e. the volume enlarges. After the treatment it seems that the scale has not been dissolved.

70 kg cans
220 kg barrels

Dispersant to Support the Alkaline Cleaning of Evaporators and Pans with Caustic Soda and Sodium Carbonate in the Sugar Industry

Technical Data

Description: yellowish, clear, viscous liquid
Density at 25°C (g/cm3): approx. 1.1
pH-Value (100 g/l water): 6.5 – 7.5
Solubility: in any proportion miscible with water

Application and Properties

The dispersant KEBOSOL PM enables a successful alkaline cleaning of the evaporators scaled with calcium oxalate deposits or mixed scales of calcium oxalate and silicates.
When adding KEBOSOL PM as dispersant to alkaline and neutral solutions, in favourable cases, evaporators, preheaters and pans can be cleaned without using acid. Other fields of application are the dispersion of mainly organic scales and the stabilization of water hardness (Ca2+ and Mg2+) if hard water has to be used for the chemical cleaning.
KEBOSOL PM contains a combination of polymeric compounds with dispersing and sequestering properties in an optimum blend.
The product is free from phosphorous, not volatile at high temperatures and practically resistant to hydrolysis.
KEBOSOL PM has the ability of dispersing calcium oxalate scales as well as scales with a high content of organic substances and of removing them partly from the tube wall.
During this process the compounds of calcium, magnesium, iron and other heavy metals contained in the scales are partly transformed into water soluble complexes.

60 kg PE-cans
200 kg barrels
1.000 kg containers

Activator for Alkaline and Neutral Solutions

Technical Data
Description: weakly yellowish, slightly viscous liquid
Density at 25°C (g/cm3): approx. 1
pH-Value (100 g/l water): 10.8 – 12.0

Application and Properties
To intensify and accelerate chemical cleaning operations.
KEBOSOL VD consists of a specific combination of detergent surfactants which have an excellent cleaning efficiency in neutral and alkaline solutions already at very low dosing rates.                  KEBOSOL VD emulsifies fatty and oily substances (e.g. residues of antifroth oils) and disperses thin films of dirt. Thus redeposition and adhesion to the heat surfaces are prevented.
During chemical cleaning operations in the sugar industry the following advantages have proved a success when adding KEBOSOL VD. The detachment of sugar decomposition products and other inconvenient organic components (e.g. proteins and other gelatinous substances) is considerably improved in alkaline solutions. At alkaline pretreatments calcium compounds (such as calcium sulfate (gypsum), calcium oxalate, calcium silicate a.s.o.) being difficult to dissolve are transformed into acid soluble compounds by adding KEBOSOL VD. As a result the treatment period is shortened.
At intermediate cleanings the removal of detached sludge is improved. Consequently the requirement of acid is considerably reduced.


60 kg cans
200 kg barrels
1000 kg containers
Concentrated, highly-alkaline preparation for washing in closed cycles
Technical Data
density: 1,40 ÷ 1,42 g/cm³.
ph of the concentrate: above 13
ph of 1% solution: above 12
Application and Properties
Highly – alkaline, non-foaming concentrate destined for washing containers, installations, devices, equipment and packaging in closed cycles. It can be used in washing processes in food-processing industry, brewing industry and soft drinks production. It is also used for clearing drains and bends in sewage system.
30 kg cans
250 kg barrels
1200 kg containers
Concentrated, low foaming, highly alkaline cleaning preparation for the food industry.
Technical Data
Density: 1,18÷1,30 g/cm3
pH of 1% solution: 12,513,0
Application and Properties
Highly alkaline, lowfoaming, concentrated liquid for removing mineral and organic dirt within CIP installations, equipment, apparatus, packaging and other surfaces in contact with food and the means of animal nutrition.
It contains sodium hydroxide & supporting substances which chelate, disperse and emulsify mineral and organic dirt on surface. It is anticorrosive relative to the cleaned surface and perfectly removes proteins, fats and other organic pollutants. Ingredients present in the product soften the water and make that use of the CIP EXTRA reduces the frequency of acid washing, so the amount of waste water is decreased.
25 kg cans
250 kg barrels
Concentrated liquid for removing stone deposits

Technical Data
pH of 10% solution: < 1.
density: 1,23 ÷ 1,30 g/cm3.
Application and Properties
Preparation is destined for washing containers, tanks, pipelines, apparatus, etc. in food-processing industry, swimming pools, small ponds etc. Removing stone can be conducted by circulating method (CIP) or manually.
Preparation contains orthophosphoric acid, nitric acid, corrosion inhibitors and additives that limit liberation of nitrogen oxide’s fumes.
Effectively removes boiler, beer and milk stone deposits. Does not destroy surfaces made of acid-proof steel, tiles, glass and polyethylene. Do not use for enamel surfaces and surfaces made of non-ferrous metals. Because of the possibility of dissolving grouts, we do not recommend to clean tiles and terracotta.

PE bottles snd PE canisters of various capacity.
Concentrated, highly acidic cleaning preparation
Technical Data
density: 1,44¸1,46 g/cm3
pH of the 1% solution: 1,3¸1,7
Application and Properties
Destined for cleaning every sort of container, pipelines, apparatus in brewing industry, diaries and other branches of food-processing industry. Applicable for CIP systems. Also suitable for limescale removal in boilers and steam installations. Do not use with enamel surfaces and non-ferrous metals surfaces.
Contains nitric acid, phosphoric acid, corrosion inhibitors and additives which prevent the release of the nitrogen oxides. Effectively removes limescale, beer stone or milk stone. Does not damage acid-proof steel, glaze, glass or plastic surfaces.
7 kg cans
30 kg cans

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