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Boiler water treatment
Each feed water must be treated in order to be used in a steam boiler. The scope of this treatment is highly dependent on water quality and requirements of the boiler manufacturer.

Methods of water softening in a steam boiler:
• Softening ion exchange,
• Decarbonisation of ion exchange,
• ion exchange demineralization,
• Reverse osmosis.

Depending on the selected method,  demineralization process allows almost complete water desalting. However, even total demineralization requires chemical correction of feed water.

Chemical treatment includes in particular:
• reduction of water hardness which prevents scale precipitation;
• Optimization of the pH value;
• Correction of alkalinity;
• Removal of oxygen

Cukrotex offers well-tried products for water chemical treatment.

We provide full technical maintenance concerning the chemical boiler water treatment. We especially offer:
•    Selection of appropriate chemical agents;
•    Pumps settings;
•    Laboratory tests.

Our most advanced product is KEBO X. Its effectiveness has been proven in many countries in europe.

The protective effect of KEBO X extends to warm and hot water heatings as well as the whole water side installations of a steam boiler system (feed water tanks, feed water pumps and preheaters).
The application of KEBO X is only possible when sufficient blown-down facilities are available at the boiler.
KEBO X has succeeded in the scale inhibitor test of the German Boiler Inspection Board (TÜV) and is admissible up to 68 bar according to § 27 of the steam boiler regulation of the German Boiler Inspection Board (TÜV).
Besides inorganic alkalis KEBO X consists of polymeric natural products as well as protective colloids, the interaction and effect of which are not subject to stoichiometric laws. KEBO X is capable of solving problems in a boiler water plant without any harmful side effect, more by physical than by chemical action and in combination with softening units.
KEBO X descales boiler and heating plants during operation without any risk by detaching adherent incrustations and gradually decomposing them to sludge.

35 kg PE-cans
220 kg PE-barrels
1200 kg containers

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